About the lab

The Computational Biology & Gene Regulation group aims at developing cutting-edge bioinformatics tools with immediate application to real-life biological problems.  The group was established in 2016 at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Nordic EMBL partner for molecular medicine, University of Oslo. Anthony Mathelier has been appointed as a group leader with a 5-year starting grant to launch the group.

Our computational biology research programme focuses on gene expression regulation and the mechanisms by which it can be disrupted in human diseases such as cancers. In a nutshell, the group develops and applies computational approaches to analyze in house (through collaborations with groups at the Institute for Cancer Research, where the group is also affiliated) and public multi-omics data to study gene expression dysregulation.

Overview of cis-regulation. Figure from A. Mathelier, W. Shi, and W.W. Wasserman, Trends in Genetics, 2015.

Amongst others, our current projects aim at developing new computational methods and tools for (1) improving the prediction of transcription factor binding sites; (2) prioritizing somatic mutations dysregulating the gene regulatory program in cancer cells; (3) understanding the interplay between TF binding and DNA methylation in cancers, (4) characterizing the landscape of active promoters and enhancers in breast cancer; and (5) assessing the transcriptional impact of transition from diploid to aneuploid cells in breast cancer.

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